Today the internet provides us with stories about TF2 transactions, Windows 8 Server, 1.7Tbps networks, Intel’s new ad campaign, 8 cores and more.


Intel Ultrabook Temptations Advertisement Series – Official Intel

ZTE Shows Off 1.7 Tbps Fiber Optic Network – Computer World

Ultimate 8-Core mATX Powerhouse – VR Zone

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W PSU Review – KitGuru

Patriot Memory PBO Alpine Media Player Review – HARDOCP

Why Windows 8 Server is a Game-Changer – The Register

PC Gaming:

Selecting Save On The Games We Make – Gamasutra

Totting Up My Team Fortress 2 Transactions – Rock Paper Shotgun

Wizorb Video Look – Distraction Gaming

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