In this edition of TPGDL: Gabe talks about Steam on Linux, SimCity interview, a Windows 8 review, various hardware reviews, info on the upcoming Portal 2 tools and more.

PC Hardware/Software

ViewSonic V3D231 3D Monitor Review – Hardware Canucks

GeForce GTX 680 3-Way SLI Review – HARDOCP

Windows 8 Preview – Ars Technica

Dell Alienware X51 Review – Tech Review Source

PC Gaming

A Peek Inside: darkForge – Distraction Gaming

SimCity Interview – Rock Paper Shotgun

The Perpetual Testing Initiative – Portal 2 Site

Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client – Phoronix

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  • Tom K

    I absolutely cannot wait for Steam on Linux! The only reason I still use Windows as a main OS is simply for the game support. Now to hear that Gabe is even more against Windows and embracing Linux, it feels like it could be the push the industry needs to make sure games are being developed for all platforms. We need more opengl and less directx damn it!

    • Adam Ames

      The more platforms available to PC gamers, the better for everyone. I am sure there are many Linux users out there who would be thrilled to get on Steam without having to jump through so many hoops to make things work. I have not used any Linux distros in a long time. I think the last one was Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon which screwed up my boot record. Luckily, it was a test system so no harm, no foul. I tried to set up a Dual Boot, but I guess I made a mistake somewhere down the road.

      • Tom K

        Ah yes you have to allow GRUB to be your boot loader. It can be tricky and daunting on the first couple of attempts, best to try it out in a virtual machine before committing to it and make sure Windows is installed first! (=