At last we meet, Friday.  For the first time, for the last time.  Until next week, anyway.  For those of you who got that, give yourself a gold star and check out links below from this crazy place we call the Internet.  Those who did not, you must go sit in the corner.

PC Hardware/Software

Corsair K90 Vengeance Keyboard Review – PC Perspective

In all, the Corsair K60 and K90 has a surprising amount of build quality and attention to detail. Next, we will test whether the build quality is superficial or whether the electronics match the chrome.


Nvidia GTX 660 Review – The Tech Report

Asus slapped an excellent cooler onto this card, and combined with the GK106 chip’s modest power draw, it’s almost magically quiet. Frankly, I’m a sucker for that. The Zotac GTX 660 is very good and plenty quiet, too, but if I have to pick one card, I’d pony up the extra for the Asus.


Windows 8 Going Diskless – The Register

Microsoft has imagined future computers that don’t include onboard disks, but do boot from external USB 3.0 devices, and has prepared Windows 8 so that it can install and operate in such environments.


Intel Submerging Servers In Oil – Data Center Knowledge

Intel has just concluded a year-long test with immersion cooling equipment from Green Revolution Cooling, and affirmed that the technology is highly efficient and safe for servers.


HP 2311xi IPS Monitor Review – AnandTech

With a street price of $200, HP is aiming directly at value priced TN displays that have ruled the low-end of the LCD market for years. We finally might be starting to move to better panels, as the price of IPS continues to come down. Has HP managed to get enough quality into a $200 display that it can convince people to move from TN panels when looking for a value display, or have there been too many sacrifices made in order to hit this aggressive price point?

PC Gaming


Cubic Evolution – Indie Impressions

Cubic Evolution by Drakfyre is another entry for Ludum Dare 24, and a rather polished and mysterious one at that.


Cloud Bursting Bubble – The PC Elitist

Do they play games on PC because it is truly the greatest platform? Or if something better were to come along would it turn their heads? Specifically, does cloud gaming change the PC way of life?


Forty Hours With XCOM – Rock Paper Shotgun

I’ll finish by saying that my biggest concern has completely evaporated. I wasn’t sure how different the game would feel on each playthrough, whether it would be as replayable as the original. I’ll need to answer that when I’ve got the full game and spent almost two decades with it, but I’ve started from scratch at least ten times in the last week, and it’s felt like a different experience every time.


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