Friday comes and goes, but TPG Daily Links is always here to guide you in the direction of interesting PC news and information.  This time around, take a gander at how to access region-locked content, video reviews and various hardware write-ups.


PC Software/Hardware

Samsung SSD 840 Pro Review – AnandTech

Assuming the premature death of our review sample was a fluke and not indicative of a bigger issue, the 840 Pro could be the first drive in quite a while to offer the absolute best performance at power consumption levels that are notebook friendly.


Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Review – Tech PowerUp

The company managed to turn heads with their CM Storm Trooper/Stryker cases as these aimed directly at the LAN party goer with a viable set of features. The CM Storm Scout 2 is intended to offers a similar functionality, but in a smaller, more affordable package.

 ASRock X789 Extreme11 Review – Proclockers

We only found one thing on the uneasy side when it came to this motherboard. And that would be the price. At $600, it is only meant for those that really plan on taking advantage of what it has to offers. I you are planning on dropping in four GTX 680s, some high performance solid sate drives and 64GB of ram the $600 is just a drop in the bucket.


How to Access Region-Locked Content – TechSpot

In this article we’ll offer you three alternatives to get around these restrictions. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and whichever route you choose will depend on the services you need to access as well as the devices you need to access them from — not to mention whether you are willing to pay or not.

16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory Review – KitGuru

This is extremely high performance memory, and it comes with a hefty premium.  That said, if you want the best performing kit for an ultra high end system build, then this is the finest you can buy today. Even the Kingston HyperX Predator 2,666mhz is outperformed.


Zotac GTX 680 Review – Bjorn3D

With the Kepler GPU means you can also enjoy your games with multi monitor support up to 4 displays on a single card for a great multi-screen platform as well to offer not just extreme surround gaming but the enhanced productivity that kind of screen real estate can offer.


EVGA SuperNOVA 1500W PSU Review – PC Perspective

Wow – big, bad and smart! EVGA’s new SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified 1500W power supply is all of that and more. Just when we thought we had seen it all, along comes a new player in the enthusiast power supply market with something truly impressive.


PC Gaming

The Future of MMOFPS – ThePCelitist

Woodsie and Shepherd discuss whether or not a “progressive war” format will be more prevalent in future MMOFPS games.


Table For One – Indie Impressions

It’s definitely a strange and original premise: eat all the food on the table in front of you. I think it was very entertaining and well done… and for only a week of design time, I think it could have come out much worse.


PC Games Are All About Terrain – Rock Paper Shotgun

It’s the undulating table on which the pieces of our play are set. It’s the sandbox in which we dig, and the garden in which we grow. Terrain: for exploring, for absorbing, for smoothing, for deforming. It is the unsung underfoot heroic substrate of all that is gaming, and much else besides.


Carmageddon Max Pack Now Available –

Take the wheel as Max Damage as you plow scores of vehicles unlucky enough to be in your way.


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