In 1998, Looking Glass Studios released their first in a long line of stealth titles called, Thief.   Now, 14 years later, modders are still working from such classics.  The Dark Mod, based on the Thief series, is a total conversion mod using Doom 3.  With over a years worth of fixes, there has never been a better time to jump on The Dark Mod bandwagon.  Please note you need Doom 3 in order to play The Dark Mod.

Download now via the official site.


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  • Tom

    Pretty sure you need an original copy of D3, not the BFG edition in order to play. Frankly a crap move by Bethesda/Zenimax to drop the standard edition from Steam, but hey gotta sell dem vidya!

    • Adam Ames

      I was under the impression, with a few tweaks, you could use the BFG version. Is this not the case anymore?

    • Mike Bezek

      Thanks Tom, we edited it for clarification. Still a bad move, BFG could have greatly benefited from this in retrospect.

    • Adam Ames

      I was under the impression, with some tweaking, the BFG version would work. Is this not the case?