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Wednesday.  Such a tease.  The weekend is so close, yet so far, far away.  To help pass the time more quickly, enjoy links dedicated to that wonderful piece of technology, the PC.  Below you can read about AMD’s new 8-core CPU, Windows 8 review plus more.


PC Hardware/Software


AMD 8-Core FX-8350 CPU Review – The Tech Report

AMD has returned to a formula that has endeared it to PC enthusiasts time and time again: offering more performance per dollar than you’d get with the other guys, right in that sub-$200 sweet spot. That’s the sort of progress we can endorse.


Windows 8 Full Review – The Tech Spot

Microsoft assumingly knew they were too late to the tablet game to come up with a dedicated tablet operating system, so “Windows everywhere” is possibly a strategy that had no second best. It’s the bet the company had to make to remain relevant, leveraging their PC muscle to gain traction in other growing markets. Windows 8 is a risky sales proposition but a fine operating system at the same time.


Asus Matrix HD 7870 Platinum Review – Bjorn3D

Overall, this card is great for those looking for an amazing card that can take a pounding. If you do want one, though, be quick, as these GPU’s are hand-sorted for performance, and there are only so many super-sample chips left.


Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Case Review – Overclockers Club

You have the quality of a top-end case without the sticker shock – the CM Storm Scout 2 is an awesome mid-ranged mid-tower case. If you are looking for an affordable case that screams quality, look no further.


 eVga GeForce 660ti Review – Examiner.com

Regardless, if you’ve got a video card that is 2 or more generations behind current technology, the EVGA (or any) GeForce 660ti video card will make an outstanding upgrade that you won’t regret cracking your piggy bank for. Put it on your Christmas list.


PC Gaming


Jill of the City Review – Indie Impressions

This is a platformer about collecting shoes and jeans made for some kind of strange “make a game quickly” contest, but I’m not sure exactly which one since details on this game are very sparse.


Immersion Revisited – ThePCelitist

Woodsie and Shepherd discuss some immersion elements they’d like to see in games – things such as little-to-no UI and a non-quantitative system of skill development/proficiency.


Games Are Best When Things Go Wrong – Rock Paper Shotgun

There’s no rule of thumb here, I think, other than to make that point: the more ways things can go wrong in a game, the more ways players can have to be heroes.


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  • Philski

    3 notes –
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    3. Note to self, upgrade computer upon return to the US.

    • Adam Ames

      You should already know the references. You are Phil The Great.

      • Steven S

        I certainly got the reference. In fact from just the picture on the main page my 7 year old got it too. I guess that either means I have the coolest kids ever or that I am the worst father ever.

        • Adam Ames

          Well, if at least one person gets it, that makes me happy. I think I am pretty clever. 🙂

          • David Queener

            Don’t mean to be terribly late to the party, but it gave me a chuckle as well. I appreciate that the YT embed still refers to them as Green Jello even after the name change to Green Jelly.

          • Adam Ames

            This was the best quality I could find so the name did not bother me too much. I still remember watching Headbanger’s Ball on MTV late one night when this came on. Hilariously awful.