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Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames discuss various aspects of the PC gaming industry with Rock Paper Shotgun co-founder, Jim Rossignol.  Adam asks Jim about procedures in assigning review codes to writers and how the type of game is taken into consideration.  Phil gives his take on Kickstarter and crowd sourcing where Jim believes nostalgia plays a big role.  These topics and much more to be heard on this edition of TPG Cast.

Show Notes:

Rock Paper Shotgun

Big Robot

Sir You Are Being Hunted

2011 UK Riots

Procedural Generation


Dear Esther



Running Time: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

*Originally recorded September 24th, 2012.  The reason for the delay was to ensure the new host and back-end code were stable enough to handle large amounts of traffic.

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  • Paul

    Jim is my favourite RPSer, definitely gonna listen to this.

    • Adam Ames

      He was a treat to have on the show.

  • Russell S

    Good to hear Jim on the show, and also to hear the points of view of another prominent PC gaming writer. I didn’t realise that it was mainly Eurogamer who set up Rezzed so I’ll forgive RPS for the Borderlands 2 gamepad debacle – let it be known that I’m generous like that 😉

    When about was this recorded ? When XCOM & Dishonored were discussed as coming out soon I had to do a double-take, right in the middle of cooking my dins.

    Nice rant at the end there too Adam. One I agree with totally and go off on myself quite often, just not often as spectacularly as that one. Awesome stuff 🙂

    • Adam Ames

      This cast was originally recorded September 24th. We waited until we got moved to our new site and things were stable.

      I get a little feisty when it comes to topics like that. I am writing a piece right now about similar issues. Hopefully it will be up next week.

      Thanks for listening and commenting.

  • Steven S

    Good show. I am looking forward to seeing more of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. I love procedurly generated maps, but usually that only covers interiors. Having a random overworld area is something I’ve never played with. I’ve never even figured out a good way to pull it off.

  • Voxelman

    I should start listening to this more…

    • Adam Ames

      We are just getting started. We are working on some truly fantastic casts in the future.