TPG has been privileged to work with some of the greatest indie developers PC gaming has to offer.  We are always interested in how the inner workings of development are handled.  To celebrate the indie portion of the Steam Autumn Sale, here are a few interviews we have conducted over the last year with links to their current Steam store pages.


Indie Spotlight Interview

Waves – $2.49

Waves was mostly an accident – I was fiddling around the Unreal Dev Kit one weekend and ended up with a ball rolling around a level collecting glowy balls. I messed around with this a bit more and thought I could maybe make a physics based puzzle game from it.



Terraria Interview

Terraria – $3.39

There are still ideas that I’ve had for the game that I’d like to incorporate, but I’ve also come up with new ideas.  The game is still evolving, and the best is yet to come!



Q.U.B.E. Interview

Q.U.B.E. – $3.47

If you have a game idea that you feel is worth pursing then definitely take it to the next level because there’s nothing to lose by trying.



Torchlight II Interview

Torchlight II – $14.99TPG Cast Episode 14
(Audio interview with Runic Games)


Mark Of The Ninja Interview

Mark of the Ninja – $11.24

The notion mostly originated with simply realizing there hadn’t been any good 2D ninja games or ninja games where you actually had to be, you know, sneaky. So we wanted to make a game that looked gorgeous and really felt like the romanticized notion of what being a ninja is.



Dungeon Defenders Interview

Dungeon Defenders – $ 7.49

Be fearless and bold, take the risks associated with mixing genres and new ideas, since that is your primary advantage as an indie: you can afford to, and indeed must, go where no one has gone before.



Defender's Quest Interview

Defender’s Quest – $7.49

Without the hard work, support, and trust of my wife and family, you would not be playing Defender’s Quest today.



Color Bind Interview

Colour Bind – $2.49

Strangely enough, it came from crossing a busy street during a traffic jam in Melbourne. I thought at the time that the long lines of cars, viewed from above, would make a neat set of moving platforms for a platform game.



Wadjet Eye Games Interview

Resonance – $4.99TPG Cast Episode 11
(Audio interview w/Wadjet Eye Games)


Wanderlust Interview

Wanderlust – $5.99

We’ve discovered that, as an indie developer – one that truly has no prior ties to the industry and no budget to work with – it is extremely difficult to spread the word about you game.



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