Not too long ago, GamersGate was dealing with its fair share of problems when a rouge pricing glitch discounted a 4-pack bundle of  Borderlands 2 to under $6 and Bethesda Collection which rang up for some at $26.  The distributor was quick to respond to the error by disabling all Steam keys related to the incident, which incited many users to complain.

Today, GamersGate has decided to go all out for customers who have been affected by the pricing error by offering an extremely attractive year-long benefit. Not only are they reactivating all Borderlands 2 Steam keys connected to the error, but all those affected by this debacle are being offered 20% off nearly all purchases until 2014 as a means of making amends.

You can read all about their plans to make it up to their customers here. It goes without saying that GamersGate must be given kudos for sucking up the losses and honoring their adverted prices, not many smaller companies are willing to go to such lengths.

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  • David Queener

    “20% off nearly all purchases until 2014″
    Almost makes me wish I had been caught up in it… That is a pretty good offer.

  • Steven S

    Good move by GG. This is one of those times where it is more important to save face than to save money. The brand name is still tarnished a bit but this is something they should be able to recover from.

  • Armaan Khan

    That’s pretty good of them. Bravo GamersGate!