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  • Steven S

    I’m going to side with Adam on the whole “minimalist” aspect. I’m not necessarily saying I want cheap peripherals, I just don’t need anything fancy. My current mouse and keyboard is wireless because it is more useful to me to be able to throw them in a desk drawer when not in use so the cats don’t start reprogramming important things. So no back lighting, touchscreens or digital readouts of my characters health and ammo count. I initially went wireless for my home theater PC, but as soon as everyone realized that they could pick up the mouse and carry it around with them, they did. And you thought losing the remote was annoying! I don’t really play anything multiplayer and when I do play an MMO I usually just go solo. So I have never used my macro keys for anything and if I start to get a sluggish mouse I can pause the game and change out the batteries.

    I have looked at “gaming” keyboards, but they all seem geared towards either the MMO player or anyone using WASD controls. I never understood WASD, there is not even a home key there. I would think that ESDF or RDFG would be easier to find without having to take your eyes off the screen. I notice that many of these keyboards have a Gaming Mode that prevents you from accidentally hitting the Windows key. Personally I think it’s better to be using a control scheme where your hand is not directly over some key you don’t want to accidentally press. Call me old fashioned, but I still use the arrow keys. They are in a uniquely shaped cluster that I can find with any two fingers by touch, the same goes for the Insert-Page Down cluster. I remap a lot of controls to the number pad as well. Some of the gaming keyboards I looked at didn’t even have a number pad.

    And for the record I don’t have an HDTV. I looked at them in the store where they were showing clips from Transformers 3 and The Avengers to really showoff the picture quality. I admit it was very cool looking, my wife’s first words were “Is this an HDTV?” followed immediately with “Can we get one?” But do I really need this much resolution for watching Iron Chef and The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai?

    • Adam Ames

      Someone who understands me! 🙂 Except for the HDTV thing. I would not go back to standard, but I am a sports fan so that probably plays into my way of thinking.

      The fancy idea is exactly what I was trying to convey.

  • http://twitter.com/TheWitchDoc Mojo

    Is there a feed for the podcast?

    • Adam Ames

      Not at the moment. We have been dealing with some very nasty back end issues and other matters which have kept us from devoting our energy into creating the feeds for iTunes and Android. Is it on the list though.