Pro Wrestling X

Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames chat all things wrestling with Dave Wishnowski developer of the up-and-coming title, Pro Wrestling X.  The gang talks about the current, past and future iterations of wrestling video games.  Dave also speaks on his struggles and successes with Pro Wrestling X and where he thinks development of his game is headed.

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  • leechaccount

    finally the menaced wrestling postcast. ;D

    • Adam Ame

      It was one of those rare cross overs. Honestly, I wish there were more sports games on the PC.

  • Steven S

    I’m not sure I should admit it but I actually knew what you were talking about most of the time. I will say that I was immpressed that Adam, despite this being a wrestle centric cast, was still able to mention High Heat Baseball.

    After checking out some Youtube footage I must say that this game looks a lot more polished than I expected.

    • Adam Ames

      We are all friends here, Steven. It is OK to admit your love for professional wrestling. Do let people like Bezek steer you away from your true family.

      Perhaps my next gimmick will be the attempt to mention High Heat in our upcoming podcasts at least once.

      • Philski

        if you weeeeeeell

    • leechaccount

      not into wrestling – not at all. still a great episode.

      the copyright issue sounds like the most aweful thing ever. all your sweat and tears inside. “you better get rid of EVERYTHING!” holy crap…