By: Adam Ames – Owner/Site EditorLogitech G930 Review

The G930 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless headset is a superb product which only solidifies Logitech as a premier PC hardware accessories manufacturer.  With only a few minor flaws, the G930 is capable of delivering high quality wireless sound, albeit with a somewhat large price tag.

When first removing the headset from its packaging, the weight became an immediate concern.  At first glance, the Logitech G930 seemed heavy and rather bulky.  It appeared wearing this unit for hours on end would result in being extremely uncomfortable, but those issues quickly evaporated after two hours of continuous use.  While playing games, watching videos and even talking to TPG colleagues while walking around, the weight never became an issue.  The cups fit nicely over each ear with no discomfort at all.  One glaring flaw in the overall design is the lack of cushion underneath the headband.  As it is now, there is a simple thin strip of padding which is surprising due to Logitech’s rather high level of overall build quality compounded with the asking price.  A bit more effort on their part to provide extra cushion would have went a long way in the area of comfort.  All in all, you can easily spend a 1-2 hours using the Logitech G930 with little or no problems.

Logitech G930

Logitech touts battery life to be 10 hours on a single charge.  This was discovered to be correct during testing where the unit was left running with music playing until it shut down (the headset has a feature where if it is not being used, it will turn off automatically).  From a complete battery drain, the recharge time took 2 hours and 11 minutes.  The unit can also be recharged while in use, but the time needed for a full charge ended up being almost double.  The 40 foot range claim was confirmed when tests showed the headset picked up clear audio and delivered microphone feedback without lag from 43 feet away.  Keep in mind, no other 2.4Ghz devices were in use so your results may vary.

The best way to conduct mic testing was during our weekly interview series, TPG Cast.  The microphone worked beautifully which offered much more detail and a natural sounding voice.  The ability to walk around with no wires and no lag was a welcomed treat.

Logitech G930

Three nicely sized programmable buttons on the left speaker are a wonderful feature.  It is great to pause a video, increase or decrease volume and jump to music or video file tracks all from the headset without having to need the keyboard.  Using the Logitech software, they can be modified to run many different functions.  For watching movies or listening to music, you set up to mute, play next track, pause and various other options.  The audio volume roller located below the buttons is an extremely welcomed feature.  One has to wonder why other manufacturers have not made this a more prevalent aspect to their headsets.  and incorporated it into their own hardware.  Roll down to lower – roll up to increase.  Applications included in these tests were: VLC, Media Player Classic and WinAmp 2.91.

The surround sound while playing titles such as: Hard Rest, Skyrim, Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 delivered a tremendous audio experience.  The surround sound alone will immerse you with bullets flying past your ears to the softest of distant footsteps or enemy chatter.  Watching sporting events and movies with native surround sound was also a feast for the ears.   The Logitech G930 connects via USB 2.0 and is accompanied by generous cable length from the base charger unit.  This is nice when you must have the headset plugged into the base unit due to a low battery.

Logitech G930

Conclusion – Is It Worth Your Money?

Those familiar with electronics will tell you, in most cases, price is a direct indicator of quality.  At first glance, the $159.99 price tag which accompanies the Logitech G930 could be tough for some to swallow.  However, with the near flawless wireless feature, excellent surround sound, solid battery life and great mic support, it is hard not to give this a full recommendation.

Logitech 930 Summary:

  • Time Used – 30 Days
  • Games Tested – Hard Rest, Skyrim, Crysis 2, Arkham  City, Metro 2033
  • Movies Tested – Iron Man, Die Hard 4, Batman: Dark Knight, The Matrix
  • Acquisition Method – Review Unit
  • Availability – Newegg, Amazon, Official Site 

(4/15/2015) EDITOR’S NOTE:

A few months ago, this unit began to show severe problems.  The battery was not fully charging (only about 4 hours per charge), several software glitches – most of which were indicating the unit only had a certain amount of charge, but ended up being incorrect.  In addition, the range where the headset would normally work, shrunk by over 60%.


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  • leechaccount

    aaah i use the older cord relative of the g930 – the g35. best computer headset i ever used.
    judging by your review i just assume that it has a similar quality of sound and wearing comfort. absolute recommendation.
    when it comes to computer peripherals i am somewhat obsessed. if it’s not logitech it’s just not right, usually breaks after a few weeks and gets raplaced with their stuff.

    great review.

    • Adam Ames

      In all honestly, I have never had a problem with any Logitech product. That is going on 13 years now since I got into PC gaming.

      I still have my X-540 5.1 Speaker System which was purchased back in 2006.

  • Seijin8

    The wireless is on 2.4GHz, so it is frequently confused by other wireless signals. The plastic hinges on the earpieces wear out and fatigue rapidly. I have had mine for two years, and while the sound quality and comfort are certainly good, it is duct-taped together now and still drops signal far too frequently. This was probably the last Logitech product I will buy.

    • Adam Ames

      I am sorry to hear that. Logitech products are usually high quality and last for years. I suppose we will have to see how long mine lasts.

      I think that may be a good idea. To have a “Look Back” review at some of the hardware we still have after years of use.