Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames are joined by TPGer jack of all trades, Mike Bezek, in this off topic show.  The gents discuss Devil May Cry, Burnout Paradise, our favorite boss fights, titles we have been recently playing and much more.

Spoilers for DmC Devil May Cry, Painkiller HD, Final Fantasy VII, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored.

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  • Steven S

    At first I found it funny that everyones first response to the “most memorable/favorite boss fight” question was not only an old game but an old console game. Then I thought about it my self and came up with Dr. Wily from MegaMan 2. (Here is this awful evil villain, except when you finally get to him he drops to his knees and starts crying.) The older games part doesn’t really surprise me as storytelling was different in the early games and all the cliched video game tropes were still frash and new. However I’m wondering about consoles and PC games. I believe that the structure of older PC games is much different fro that of the older consoles. For example I remember when my friends and I would talk about Super Mario Bros 2. We would discuss our strategies for beating Birdo and Mouser. Or has anyone gotten past the 2nd Triclyde yet. It was fun and I played a lot of SMB2, but I enjoyed playing Police Quest much better. There aren’t really bosses in Police Quest, or any point and click adventure. Sure Space Quest 3 had that invisible terminator robot but it wasn’t like it’s own special encounter with matching theme music. The line between console and PC games is a bit more blurred now because there are so many ports. But in terms of strictly PC games, how many are setup to actually have bosses?

    • Adam Ames

      I suppose some PC RPGs have bosses, but I understand your line of thinking. Also shooters like Painkiller, Doom and Serious Sam.

      • Steven S

        Take a closer look at Doom. You get to the end of the first episode, Knee Deep in the Dead, and you have to fight the two Hell Barons. This has all the feel of a classic Boss Fight. But then you start playing episode 2 The Shores of Hell, and the Hell Baron becomes just another enemy thrown into the mix. You encounter them over and over so they cease to be a Boss and are just a tougher target. Even the Cyberdemon comes back in later levels. This leaves the Spiderdemon as the true Boss, but you do have to fight him again as well.