Corey Lenack aka “Woodsie” and Sean Freeark aka “Shepherd” from ThePCelitist have recently joined TPG to provide insightful and entertaining video reviews.  Their first venture sees Corey finding his way down the halls of Antichamber while Sean grills him on certain aspects of his adventures.  Please watch the video below and check out more video content from ThePCelitist.

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  • blabbers

    1.9 hours in, and I am completely stuck. 🙁

    • Adam Ames

      Where are you? Perhaps Corey can help out here.

      Do not feel bad. If I tried to play, I would have been stuck after just a few minutes.

  • Bob

    Guh, this was clearly commented on after it was done, not during. How boring.

    • Adam Ames

      To each his own. Perhaps you will enjoy some of our other content and future videos.