By – Corey Lenack and Sean Freeark


Corey Lenack and Sean Freeark discover the floating city of Columbia in the recently released story-driven first person shooter, Bioshock Infinite.

Important Game Note From Corey:

Just a quick rundown on the error I had after the review was done. The game would not launch. When clicking “Play” through Steam it would go to a black screen and never load. I would have to end task through the Task Manager to get rid of it. Looking up the issue I found numerous people who had the same problem. Some fixed it by launching Steam as Administrator.  Others updated drivers.

Even with some success many people (like myself) could not get the game to work no matter what I did. After the fifth time of restarting my computer the game started up and has been working ever since. Never quite figured out what the problem was and other people felt it was quite random as well.  I know 2K knows about the issue, but there as been no patches as of yet.

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  • Narud

    So funny to watch reviewers squirm and struggle to rain superlatives on this game while not believing it at all, it’s like they’ll tarnish the memory of Bioshock original if they admit to themselves that Infinite was just good, nothing more, nothing less.

    • Sean Freeark

      Hello Narud. Thanks for commenting. For clarification, are you saying that is what we did in this review? If so, please specify what Corey said that gave you that impression. I’m curious. Thanks.