Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames unveil the results from our latest site survey.  Find out how you, our loyal fans, feel about TPG.  Feedback items discussed include brand/crossover labeling, varied interview questions, our new video content, TPG Cast length and much more.

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  • Steven S

    I will step up and show some solidarity with Old Man Ames and say that I too am old enough to remember watching Happy Days back when it was still new and not syndication. Although by that time the show had literally “jumped the shark” so it was not one that I really got into enough to refrence off the cuff like Adam did. I would have gone with an A-Team analogy myself. With Adam as Col Smith and Phil as Murdock, I guess that would make Mike Bezek Face.

    • Adam Ames

      I have not watched enough A-Team to swoop in and make that analogy, but that is a good one nonetheless.

    • Need More Loot

      So Phil starts off as an the original ADD child thirty years ahead of his time and ends up a crazied guienius in a straight jacket quoting shakespear… actually i see it now! 😉

      • Steven S

        Kudos to you for picking up on Murdocks shakespearian quotes. I would have also accepted a refrence to his “dog” Billy or the Golfball Liberation Army.

        Adam, I’m disappointed in you. I feel you shoud have to eat at Subway as penance.

        Oh yeah, and good cast. It’s nice to know that what we do is appreciated. I wanted to go back and look at the results of earlier surveys to see what has improved, but the whole No Search Bar thing got in the way.

        • David Queener

          I love Subway… but I’m going low carb, so I’m avoiding such for a few weeks. Yeah, dieting. Totally PC gaming related.