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Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines

The now 9-year old RPG is still getting patch love from the community.  The recently released Unofficial v8.6 title update for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines offers a handful of fixes.  Some of those tweaks are as follows:

  • Restored Confession turnstile, King’s Way animation and six decals.
  • Restored discipline crosshair, tutorial graphic and some particles.
  • Restored Dominate Command instead of Trance, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • Restored embrace and discipline hud particles, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • Improved Presence dialogue options and raised haven bum cash to $10.

You can read the entire changelog here and download from the official patch site.   Bloodlines is currently available via Steam.  You may think $20 for a nine-year old game is crazy, but it is considered by many to be one of the best modern RPG/FPS games released.  Bloodlines offers up fantastic dialogue and an immersive story.  If you are a first-timer, be sure to download both the official 1.2 and unofficial 8.6 from the site linked above.  Keep in mind to install the official patch first.

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  • Ottaw

    ah thanks for the reminder.

    just talked this weekend about the game with a friend. he never played it before and i went compelte nerd mode to convince him to pick it up right away.

  • Skyturnedred

    The official 1.2 patch is included in the 8.6 patch.