PC Gaming Podcast

Phil Cordaro sits down with professor, author and fellow gaming interviewer, Matt Barton.  Topics include how Matt got into the interview business, life in the gaming academia world, thoughts on the industry and much more.

Due to technical issues, Adam Ames was unable to participate in this interview.

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  • Need More Loot

    Great interview phil, well met, and rather interesting hearing the professor. Out of curiousity is phil published?

    • Philski

      I have a couple of academic papers out there, but no books and nothing directly concerning games so far. I do have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline though. Unfortunately, actually getting a piece published can often take even longer than developing it in the first place!

      • Need More Loot

        Murdock speaks! hey Phil, thanks for replying. Certainly keep me in the loop when you do i’d be interested to read it given your obvious interest, Matt’s odd parrellel to your own endevours, and my somewhat strange facination with mind control & gaming.