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Phil Cordaro, Mike Bezek and Adam Ames take an in-depth look at the world of Columbia in the latest edition of TPG Cast.

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  • Steven S

    Didn’t Utah have a vote about 10-15 years ago on an officially recognized state food? And isn’t it Jello?

    I saw on the Food Network that the Pastrami Burger was invented in Utah, so you got that going for you too Adam.

    • Philski

      W…well that’s something…

    • Adam Ames

      Green Jello, to be exact.

      • David Queener

        Little pigs, little pigs, let me in…

        • Adam Ames

          The greatest music video of all-time.

  • Need More Loot

    I think the jello comments are overshadowing the show, stop really! (it isn’t really jello is it?)
    Anyways good cast, although a little behind most of us, one note i would say is i do think the combat was there to use if you wanted to. As someone who was happy to just watch the bioshock infinite movie i skipped alot of the combat opportunities and rushed through battles.
    The story was good but i think i won’t be going back for DLC and alike, having enjoyed the game far too much to spoil it with futher playthroughs.
    Oh just as a side note, bioshock 1, 2 and inifinites’ steam achievement for the voxphones (etal) required two playthroughs to get them all and there are not that many in the game (i believe) having found most of them.

    • Adam Ames

      Well, Utah is the proud home of Green Jello… so… I guess we have that going.

      Anyway, a little behind, yes. Still relevant though.