Conducted By – Adam Ames


Lorena Casanova discusses her recently successful Indiegogo campaign for the unique and interesting upcoming game, AdventurOS.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and  your role with the development of AdventurOS.

I’m one of the two programmers of the project.


Where did the idea for AdventurOS come from?

The idea came when Emilio was working on his open-source  project  (Stellar). He had to learn how to manage files and folders in  a  cross-platform way, and after a while working on that he considered the mechanics of it would be very interesting for  a  game. So after a few concepts we came up with the idea of the   metroidvania (-ish, if that makes everyone happier). We found it the  perfect balance between a fun game play and exploration.


As of 9/3/13, your Indiegogo campaign has reached its goal with 16 days left.  To what do you attribute this success?

I think the idea is the main reason of  the campaign’s success. The concept is innovative and we also did our best when it comes to spreading the word. Our supporters helped a lot too!


With outlets such as Inidiegogo available, it seems indies have a way to create games most publishers would never touch.  While this is great, what are some of the pitfalls indies have to be  aware of?

Indiegogo has a great potential but creating an indiegogo campaign will not bring instant success to each project. Indie devs have to really struggle.  It is very tough and it requires a lot of hard work!


Please talk about developing the art style, level  design and music for AdventurOS.

Andre is the one making all the arts, sprites, music and also general game design. We are very satisfied with his way of developing and we are all compatible. We hardly ever interfere with his artistic decisions, because we have no need to 🙂 but we often have to put a limit to his imagination in order to make everything more functional and logical.

It is a lovely struggle though!


Do you plan on sending AdventurOS to the various  digital distribution platforms?

We are mainly focusing on Steam, but It will be available on our website DRM free as well.


Will there be a demo at or near launch?

We are working on it right now! It will hopefully be released in a few days.


Are there plans to allow mods for AdventurOS?

Definitely! We wrote about it on our Greenlight campaign: We love modding! We didn’t want to leave such a good idea trapped into a medieval costume so we will give people the proper tools to customize it as much as possible.


Why do you believe nobody has yet to purchase the Universe perk?

Actually there were a couple of people who were interested in purchasing it, but we felt they were not the right ones, you know, so we asked them to fund another campaign instead 😉


How do you feel about the various indie bundle  promotions and the “Pay What You Want” pricing methodology?  Would you be interested in contributing to a project like that in the  future?

We love bundles. They are a great opportunity for both devs and consumers. Bundles usually give a huge exposure and sales to devs and players can get awesome games for a very cheap prize. It’s one of the best commercial ideas since this movement started.


What are your thoughts on how the PC gaming industry  as a whole are dealing with the problem of intrusive DRM and piracy?

Technology can’t be stopped. Instead of fighting against piracy, we should focus on giving better services and reasons to the consumers for them to keep contributing. “Fighting against piracy is like putting fences to the wind”.


How do you feel about individuals posting videos  and receiving monetization of video games?

It can be positive if your game is featured on their channels. If they are making a lot of money out of the gameplays or reviews, then it is probably because of a proper exposition. That’s very good for your own benefit! (Talking about indie devs of course)


How do you feel about DLC and its current implementation  in the PC gaming industry?

In some cases DLCs can be a little bit abusive with prices, but adding content to a game is always positive.


What advice would you give up-and-coming indie  PC developers who are trying to break into the business?

One only has to work very hard.

Developer Quick Look:

Indiegogo Campaign

Steam Greenlight


Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

Team Members – 3

Publisher – None

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