Phil Cordaro and Ames speak with Corey Leneck about his adventures at the 2013 GDC Next gaming conference in Los Angeles, California.

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  • Steven S

    Yeah! TPG Cast is back!

    It’s nice to get that peek behind the curtain to see what the developers are thinking. The bit about making Free To Play work is interesting, though I’m wondering how viable it is in the current state of market saturation. Star Trek Online has been one of those games that I keep meaning to try. I just need to psych myself up first before sitting down to play an (gulp) MMO (shudder).

    It is very cool that Corey got to talk to some of these legendary developers, I’m almost jealous.

    • Adam Ames

      As cool as the Star Trek world is, just like The Old Republic, I dislike MMOs so it would be a no-play for me.

      • Steven S

        Well I did spend some time playing The Lord of the Rings Online just because Middle Earth is a fun place to explore. However the MMOness of everything kept gnawing at me and I quit playing. I’d imagine playing Star Trek Online would go about the same way, it would be loads of fun for about a week or two, then turn grueling. Shortly after that I would quit playing and lament about all that I could have accomplished instead.

  • Ottaw

    a new cast <3