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February is till not too late for us to take a look back at some of the best content TPG produced in 2013.  From Op-Eds and presentations to interviews and collaborations, below is just a small sample of what TPG offered up.
Devil May Cry Interview – Capcom USA Senior Producer, Alex Jones, peels back the curtain of developing proper console ports.

Devil May Cry PC

“If you do your job right on the console side you can generally develop a PC version quite reasonably from both a budget and production logistics standpoint.  We had the advantage of using a top notch PC development house which makes life infinitely easier.  As of the reason: since we knew we would only be running the console version at 30 fps and that many super hardcore DMC players would insist on 60 fps the only option for fulfilling that desire would be a PC version.”

My Thoughts: Depression Quest – Former TPG right-hand man, Mike Bezek, travels down the lonely road of depression.

“I can appreciate most artistic works that attempt to bring awareness to such a hushed subject in American society. The solutions presented to the depressed populace are filled with pastel-laden ads for medication that will give you a false sense of levity, intentionally painting a damning picture of proper therapy. With Depression Quest, the story lends itself to reason by allowing the player to send himself to counseling, thus improving his situation slightly, but not in an overly noticeable way.”


Roguelikes Breakdown – Steven Smith runs through the various aspects to this often misunderstand genre.

“Your hero looks like this:  @

Weapons and armor look like this:  |   [   )

Monsters look like this:  O  e  k

If your game uses the characters above, there had better be some pretty engaging gameplay to keep the player interested.  Welcome to the world of Roguelikes. Where games have evolved focusing on mechanics instead of graphics.”


TPG Cast Episode 30: Old School PC Gaming – Phil Cordaro leads a discussion with Lazy Game Reviews, and ThePCElitist where topics include past DRM schemes, old school vs new school and much more.


Clint Basinger: “Do you have a team of crackers down at GOG?  That’s awesome.” 


Trevor Longino [Chuckles]:  “We have ‘Build Masters’ whose job it is to make sure games work and that’s as far as I will go.”


Nancy Drew Night – Her Interactive sponsored launch party with friends at TPG.

“Overall, the night was a great success.  Good food, great friends and exciting times were had by all.  Once again, many thanks go out to Her Interactive for making this an extra special Nancy Drew Night.”


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Retrospect Interview – Jean-François Dugas, Executive Game Director on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, offers up his thoughts as he looks back at the development of what many gamers consider to be a modern PC gaming classic.

“You can learn a lot just by looking at what’s already on the market: a lot of games get ported to PC without much thought put into it.  For me, it was clear from day one that DXHR wouldn’t just be a console port on the PC. Instead, it would be a version of the game that would be fully adapted for that platform (UI, visuals, other typical PC features, etc.).  In retrospect, I think we did a good job on that end.”


Gaming PR & Marketing Presentation – Adam Ames, owner of TPG, spoke to a group of indie developers in Salt Lake City about how to deal with public relations and communicating with gaming outlets.

“You have to make me emotionally invested in what you guys are doing.  Why should I care about your game if you choose to downplay what you are creating?” 


Five Reasons Why System Shock 2 Should Be Terrible – Stuart Young breaks down why System Shock 2 could have been one of more terrible games of our generation.

“System Shock 2 has stood the test of time remarkably well, and with a little patching, feels fresh and entertaining even today.  No, these are facets of the game that were bad at the time, are bad now, and in a less ambitious title might have soured the whole deal.”


Tales Of PC Gaming Refunds – TPG readers share their experiences with the controversial area of getting refunds for PC games.

“I got GTA IV launch day. Worst decision of my life.  Between the stupid DRM and unplayableness I wanted my money back. I went back to the store and they told me I could only get another copy. I argued with the manager but left with only is a 50 dollar paperweight. I felt used and ripped off. To this day the damn thing does not run on my machine.”


TPG Cast Episode 32: Indie Gaming Round Table – Topics include Steam Greenlight, piracy and whether or not indies should be treated differently by the press and much more.  Rockleesmile, Northernlion and The Pixel Pirate join the discussion.


It was quite the year for TPG in 2013 and we look forward to building on this success in 2014.

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