By – Omar Khan (TPG News Reporter)

SimCity Offline

Over one year after its initial release, EA’s SimCity will now be available to play offline.  The new ‘Single Player’ mode, connecting to the internet will now be classed as ‘multiplayer’ instead of the game’s default setting.  In an announcement on the official website, Producer Meghan McDowell outlines the key differences between the two game modes.  The main distinctions is single player does not feature Leaderboards, Achievements, access to the Global Market or Cloud Saves.  However, players will still be able to transfer single player cities onto multiplayer.  The new single player is also going to be much more modder-friendly, “without harming the integrity of the Online game.”

The game was plagued with technical problems following its launch, most of them due to the fact the game had an “always online” feature, that prevented people from playing the game without an internet connection.  This caused issues with server demand during the first 48 hours of release, and led to player save files disappearing from the cloud.

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  • thefrawg

    This might tempt me to buy it. If they’d increase city size they’d have a definite sale!

    • AdamAmes

      Are also concerned about the lack of depth?