By – Omar Khan (TPG News Reporter)

Garys Misadventure 2

Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure, developed by Noego, is now available on Steam with an introductory offer of 15% off.  Level 22 is a stealth game with a wonderfully unique art style full of pixel art and giant heads.  Players take control of Gary, who has woken up late for work.  He must get to his office without anyone noticing him.  The problem?  His office is on the 22nd floor.  Gary must sneak his way from the basement to the boss’s office, through everything in between.  Using the ventilation system and cardboard boxes to sneak around, players can lure guards away with donuts, booby-trap photocopiers and even give laxatives.   With these features, co-workers will clear a path to safety in this hilarious but in-depth looking indie stealth game.

Level 22, Gary’s Misadventure is available on PC, Mac and Linux.  A demo is also available on the official site.

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