By – Omar Khan (TPG News Reporter)


GameRanger, a service that provides gamers with multiplayer games whose original servers have shut down, has now hit five million users.  ‘End-of-life’ titles such as Halo: Combat Evolved are available to play on GameRanger, in addition to more modern games like Borderlands 2.  As gamers have the option to buy their games from different outlets, and therefore play without being locked into a DRM, GameRanger is becoming a major force.  Scott Kevill, President of GameRanger Technologies, said:

“When you’ve bought a game you love, you should be able to keep playing it with your friends regardless of how many others are still playing. Server shutdowns, ‘sunsetting’ and ‘kill-switches’ are the dark side of multiplayer gaming.”

On April 29th, GameRanger announced future support for Halo 1.  In addition, the Men of War series was added to GameRanger service as of May 8th.  GameRanger offers multiplayer features for almost 700 titles.

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