Phil Cordaro and Adam Ames spend twenty minutes talking about outrageous bridge tolls, Atlanta’s fascination with the peach, shape shifting reptilian conspiracies and much more.

Uncut & Off Topic is the lighter side of True PC Gaming.  The show is not edited in any way nor do we know where the discussion we lead.  Once we reach the 20 minute mark, the show ends.

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  • Shawn

    I find things like the black card very interesting in terms of how people perceive money and things.

    First off of course, you need to take into account that money is imaginary and the only value a dollar has is the value someone thinks a dollar is worth. So for some $500 is very important and for others $500 is merely just a number.
    When talking about things that are not obviously beneficial to spend money on I think it gets more to the heart of how a lot of people like to spend money. Instead of the end result that money can get you, the act of spending money can be enjoyable.

    Look at things like steam trading cards. To me that boils down the whole spending money just for the fun of spending money into it’s simplest form. Most of the trading cards on steam are not that fun to look at or own. They are just a .jpg on a webpage that you could look at anywhere. But still there are those that pay money for it. I think part of that is the fun of collecting things and part of it is the fun of spending money.

    When you start to try and explain the value of things and what is “worth” money logic starts to fall apart pretty quickly. The exact same drink you buy will be sold at vastly different prices at different areas. Buying a bottle of beer at a top rated hotel could cost a fortune, or you could walk down to the store and get it at a fraction of the price. Or the fact that clothing stores will put thousand or million dollar items that are never sold on display to encourage customers to shop there. Where as other stores put discounted items to encourage customers to shop there. Really there is no “worth”, there is no math or logic to explain value, value is exactly what you think it is. Value is all based on psychology and opinion.

    Oh, and bringing back the benefits of the black visa, there is one other reason to own one. There are certain private clubs in places that will always let someone in who has certain “black” cards. So if you want to hang out at the club the celebrities are it might be a worthwhile investement.

    • AdamAmes

      Thanks for the comment.

      You mention the difference between drinks at a high class hotel and those found at regular store.

      I see people lined up at 7-11 to buy a 12-pack of Coke for $6. I think to myself – if they just walked down the street a few blocks to a grocery store, they could get the same thing for half price.

      However, in your exact scenario, I am sure there are those who find a sense of accomplishment to buy an overpriced drink at a five star restaurant. $10 for a glass of soda? Yep. I did that.

  • Steven S

    On the subject of Toll Roads. There was a local news story here a few years back about a guy who flew into town and rented a car from the airport. According to him the people at the rental place gave him the directions on how to get to the hotel where he was staying, which happened to be all toll roads. When he finished his trip he returned to the airport the exact same way he came. When he got home his credit card bill showed the rental costing hims hundreds of dollars more, turns out the rental company was charging him for the tolls, the tickets he received on the tolls and a hefty service fee because the company had to handle the tolls.

    • AdamAmes

      Where in Denver are there toll roads?