By – Corey Lenack and Sean Freeark

Zombies On A Plane

Corey Lenack and Sean Freeark attempt to shake away those pesky undead minions in the newly released indie title, Zombies On A Plane.

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  • Sand Ripper

    The flight physics look better than the ones in Air Control. 😉

    Why is there money floating in the sky? I don’t think the review mentioned that.

    This isn’t something I’d spend $10 on, but put it in a bundle I’d probably play it for an hour and get my money’s worth.

    • Corey Lenack

      The money floating around seems to have zero purpose.

      Any game can get a pass if it’s free. I could throw 10 minutes at this game if it didn’t cost anything.

      The quality games you can get for $10 are abundant. It’s almost insulting to charge that much for this game.

      -Corey Lenack