By – John Williamson


Logitech products are renowned for their resilient construction and phenomenal reliability as many keyboards, mice and headsets that are out of production still function without any hardware issues. Logitech have also produced the Driving Force GT and G27 steering wheels to provide the definitive racing experience for mid-range and higher end customers. There have only been two premium steering wheels worthy of critical acclaim for being revolutionary and they are the Logitech G27 and Thrustmaster T500RS.

The G27 is bundled in a sleek and aesthetically pleasing black cardboard box which oozes quality.  Logitech have used thick and durable packaging materials and this keeps the unit steady in transit and reduces the chance of accidental damage.  The parcel is separated into 3 individual sections which includes the Wheel, Pedals and H-Shifter.  Each item is securely covered by a cellophane plastic bag and this eliminates any chance of scratches occurring if the product rubs against its box during transportation.  The item is easy to disassemble and put back into the packaging for storage purposes which makes it quite portable for a wheel of this caliber.

The Installation process is seamless and incredibly simple due to Logitech’s fantastic mounting system that easily surpasses other mechanisms I’ve used in the past.  To mount the steering wheel, all you have to do is slide the wheel into position and turn two plastic gears until the wheel is firmly affixed to your desk.  The L shape fixings can be adjusted to suit large and small desks without any major complications.  This level of flexibility is superb and ensures that the wheel will be suitable for desks, playseat setups and even users who want to mount it to the Wheel Stand Pro accessory.  The wheel is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t rattle during intense gameplay sessions.  Logitech’s extensive R&D program has resulted in a steering wheel mount which never moves even if you aggressively turn direction around tight hairpins.

Logitech G27 Review

Before you attach the wheel, it is important to hook up all the cables which are fead underneath the base.  The pedals and shifter are connected via 9 pin serial cables that push in securely without the need for screws.  There are grooves in the molded plastic that offer cable management opportunities and reduce the overall amount of clutter.  After you have completed this step, all you have to do is connect the power and USB cables.

There are a couple of teething problems with the software installation in regards to wheel calibration.  You have to install the Logitech Gaming Software package and manually configure the wheel’s global preset.  However, other Logitech peripherals such as the G710+ keyboard already utilize this program and cause a number of compatibility issues.  I couldn’t get the wheel to be detected despite trying numerous re-installations and opting for different USB ports.  In reality, there are two versions of the Logitech Gaming Software and one is specifically designed for controllers and steering wheels.  This package is called the Logitech Gaming Software on Logitech’s download page but is actually a completely different program entitled the Logitech Profiler.  At no point is this outlined in the user’s guide so it can be a little confusing when you have to install the wheel for the first time.

The G27 unit feels like a luxury, hand-made racing wheel which wouldn’t look out of place in a competitive racing car.  The wheel is constructed from high grade stainless steel and has a real leather trim.  This leather finish reduces the amount of sweat during long races and heightens the sense of being in a real race car.  I cannot emphasize enough how magnificent it is to simply place your hands on this gorgeous and soft leather finish.  Logitech have also decided to use helical gears and this makes the wheel remarkably smooth and virtually silent.  Its predecessor, the G25, had a few issues with unwanted steering noise.  Helical gears mimic the 900 degree rotation of a real steering wheel and allows you to apply opposite lock with great accuracy.  Furthermore, the wheel can be rotated 2.5x from its default position and lends itself to a wide range of driving styles.

Logitech G27 Review

There are other luxurious features such as the LED rev limiter gauge that slowly increases as you accelerate through a particular gear.  This can be used to aid less experienced drivers who are only familiar with automatic transmissions.  The guide tells you when to shift up and this helps players to become more consistent through each gear change.  In my opinion, the LED meter looks magnificent but is a little understated for my tastes.

Logitech have implemented a custom dual motor force feedback system that allows you to experience every vibration of the circuit. You get a tactile response when the rubber is laid down along the racing line and feel which parts of the track have enhanced grip levels.  The feedback also gives you an inclination of tyre wear and how your degraded tyres will affect lap times and exit speeds.  The force feedback at default settings is sublime and extremely powerful. You have to keep a firm grip when attacking the apex of a corner and attempt to keep the wheel in a straight line.  You have to constantly make little corrections and apply these adjustments based on the vibrations you get from the wheel. If the feedback is too strong for your tastes, you can easily turn it down to a more comfortable level using the Logitech Profiler.  The G27 has the best force feedback I’ve ever experienced and makes you feel like you’re hurtling down corners at over 200mph.

Included in the bundle are three pressure sensitive pedals that contain varying degrees of tension.  The clutch requires a medium amount of pressure to depress whilst the accelerator is quite light and easy to push down.  Using the brake involves a lot more force and this stops you from pressing the brake pedal accidentally by slightly leaning on it.

Logitech G27 Review

The variation in pedal weights is to ensure you get a feeling of the pedals and can use them without glancing at your feet.  The pedals are mounted at a higher angle than the textured floor section for comfort. This means you can easily rest your ankles on the floor and naturally place your feet onto the pedals.  You have to stop the pedal section from moving by either screwing them into the floor or using some industrial tape.  Another less appetizing alternative involves placing a weighty object behind the pedals so they stay in place.

There is a 6 speed H-Shifter included which suits racing disciplines that don’t use paddle shifts such as Rallying and Touring Cars.  I found the gearstick to be responsive and satisfying during these type of events.  However, the shifter does feel a little light for my tastes and could be made heavier so you can change gear with more confidence.  The shifter does have a certain wow factor and but it lacks the little touches which makes it feel like a cheaper add on.  For example, the gear stick doesn’t contain gear numbers and has a plastic finish.  Logitech could have made the base could be larger to withstand a more forceful approach during fiercely fought races.

Logitech’s premium wheel is automatically configured in a large number of racing games including F1 2013, Assetto Corsa, Dirt 3 and many more.  All you have to do is load up the game and it will detect the G27 and set key attributes such as steering deadzones.  You can alter the default setup if certain games don’t feel right and tinker with individual options until the car handles in a way which you find comfortable.

Logitech G27 Review

Conclusion – Is It Worth Your Money?

The Logitech G27 is an astonishing steering wheel which revitalizes racing games and takes them to a whole new level.  Logitech have manufactured a product of insurmountable quality that demonstrates their craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The leather trim and robust stainless steel finish make the wheel feel authentic and a pleasure to use.  There are a few confusing issues with the software installation but these only become an annoyance during the first time installation process.  I say this with great confidence – the Logitech G27 is the greatest steering wheel I’ve ever used and worth every penny.  If you are into racing games, and want the best experience, the G27 is a must buy even at the hefty price of $300.

Logitech G27 Technical Summary:

  • Time Used – 54 Days
  • Games Played – F1 2013, Grid 2, Dirt 3, Assetto Corsa, Race 07
  • System Specs – Intel i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, Sapphire 290 4GB OC
  • Acquisition Method – Review Unit
  • Availability – Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect
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  • St1ka

    Wow, that is one amazing wheel! o.O

    • John Williamson

      Yep, it’s a fantastic steering wheel and provides an unbeatable experience for sim racing fanatics. If the price point is a little too high, then the lower end mode called the Driving Force GT is another superb option.

      • Campbell Wallis

        I use a Driving Force GT and it’s a terrific piece of kit for the money (~£100). I’m told it has similar force feedback to the G25, so the main things you’re lacking at the clutch pedal/H-shifter and the premium finish. I can see it doing me for years all the same, though.

        • John Williamson

          There is a difference in the Force Feedback as the GT uses a single motor whilst the G27 implements a dual motor. I would say the GT is more than enough for most people though.

  • Shawn

    “There have only been two premium steering wheels worthy of critical acclaim for being revolutionary and they are the Logitech G27 and Thrustmaster T500RS.”

    Have you tried the TrackStar 6000 wheel ( )? Haven’t had a chance myself but have heard good things over the years.

    • John Williamson

      Wow, I’ve never even heard of that wheel, but it looks incredible. Hefty price but the built quality looks incredible. I might have a new dream wheel now 🙂

  • JoJo

    Are you familiar with the G25?

    • John Williamson

      Yep, although I haven’t used it for a long time. This is a small revision from the G25, and doesn’t offer a massive upgrade if you currently own that particular wheel.

  • BenRichards

    I absolutely love my G27. Shop around though because I paid $100 less than asking price.

    • AdamAmes

      It has been a while since its release so this is some good advice. Where did you get yours?

      • BenRichards I paid $200. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it for and that was like three years ago. Good luck.

        • John Williamson

          Yeh, I’ve seen a few deals with a rebate from Logitech.