By – TPG News Beat


PC gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT, has unveiled a new piece of  hardware aimed at allowing PC gamers the option to leave the desktop.  The Sova eliminates uncomfortable couch PC gaming by consolidating the keyboard and mouse into a centralized battle station allowing PC gamers to become fully immersed in the gaming world of their choice.  The Sova, with its wireless capabilities and endless features, appears to be a fantastic PC gaming addition.

ROCCAT Founder and CEO René Korte states:

“Sova is the option for gamers wishing to expand their arena without sacrificing gaming experience.  Platforms like Steam are fantastic, but the experience can be devalued by the lack of adequate gaming equipment. Gamers who wish to stream PC games to a living room television will no longer need to put up with latency issues and can now experience couch gaming at its fullest.”

The Sova was demoed last week at E3, but will not be available to the public until later this year or early 2015.  You can read more information via the official Sova site.

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