By – Adam Ames

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been experiencing numerous problems while browsing TPG.  Several of our readers have sent e-mails to us about these issues and we thank you for that.

The main complaints have been cases where a link is clicked, instead of pointing to the correct article, you end up seeing our RSS Feed page, a different article altogether or the browser just throws an error.  Usually this error will mention the browser dealing with too many redirects.  If you attempt to refresh the page, sometimes it will load, but for the most part, the browser just loops.  The most annoying part of the entire issue is the fact that this does not happen every time.  It appears to be completely random and you cannot reduplicate the same article or page.  We have been putting a lot of effort into finding out why this started and how we can fix it.  When problems like this arise, we do everything within our power to make sure TPG is running at optimum performance.  The last thing we want to see is a future reader get soured when he/she cannot read the article of their choosing.  It also paints us as unprofessional to potential partners, sponsors and developers looking to buy ad space.

I certainly appreciate our readers without whom none of this would exist.  Just know that we are trying our best to fix this once and for all.  Our guys who handle the server maintenance have been nothing but responsive and proactive during this time.  I am sure they will find the culprit and eliminate it with extreme prejudice.  I take how TPG is handled very seriously and will continue to strive for the best coverage in PC gaming.

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