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A Goldlen Wake 1

A Golden Wake is being published by perennial PC gaming adventure creators, Wadjet Eye Games, and developed by New York-based, Grundislav Games.  Francisco Gonzalez, head man of the aforementioned studio, was responsible for the freeware series, Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator.   Set in 1920s Corral Gables, Florida, Alfie Banks is looking to make it big in the booming housing market.  However, with the Great Depression looming, the mob on his heels and the consistent threat of hurricanes, his dreams may come crashing down around him.

Wadjet Eye CEO, Dave Gilbert, makes his feelings perfectly clear on this latest venture.

I just love Golden Wake. This game a fun, poignant romp through 1920s-era Miami that is both meticulously researched and perfectly relevant to our current times.”

Golden Wake will be released in Q4 2014 for Windows.  No word on distribution availability or Mac and Linux releases.

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