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Rising Pixel have announced the release of their 1300s fantasy roguelike, Inquisitor’s Heartbeat.  According to the development team, this is the first time ever blind players can actually experience a real and non-discriminatory adventure game.

“You’ll have to listen closely to the surrounding sounds in order to understand the situation you are in. There could be prisoners that want to be set free or sentinels waiting for you right behind the corner. Water drops, mouse squeaks, rusty gates and many other immersive sounds are skilfully scattered through the levels. Pay attention to them and they will become your allies as you progress through the adventure.”

If this is as good as it sounds, Rising Pixel has certainly taken a step to grab an audience that is otherwise ignored in the world of gaming.  Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is not only targeted towards the blind, players of sight can also drop themselves into the world of 1300s Italy.  You can download your copy for €19,90/$27.11 via the official site.

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