By – Thomas Faust

Deathtrap 1

Neocore Games’ Van Helsing already features some moderate tower defense elements, so building a complete TD game that runs on the same engine seemed like the logical thing to do.  In Deathtrap, controlling a player character ARPG style, your goal is to repel waves of enemies by placing traps and fighting them directly.  There are two classes at your disposal: the female sorceress prefers ranged attacks, while the male mercenary likes to get up close and personal with those nasty monsters.


A detailed leveling system with skill tree based character progression and various items to boost your stats delivers persistency between maps.  25 different kinds of traps, which can be further upgraded, will deliver all the monster mashing delights you could ask for.  With the technical framework already in place and most of the traps done, all that’s missing right now is more content and some polishing.  There will be a single player campaign and a separate set of co-op levels, and the plan is to deliver a game with about 50 hours of playtime.


I like the concept, it’s a very straight, no-frills tower defense hack and slasher, which – if previous Neocore releases are any indication – will sport some lovely artwork.  The lack of a PVP mode personally doesn’t bother me, but I do think its a shame that there probably won’t be any mazing (i.e. modifying the invaders’ paths with tower placement).  But Neocore certainly listen to the demands of their community, so who knows what the future brings?  In any case, Deathtrap will be released later this year.

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