By – Steven Smith


Do you remember BattleZone? This 1998 RTS/FPS hybrid put you in the cockpit of a hover tank in an alternate universe space war between the United States and Soviet Union.  The game was unique in that you had to manage resource gathering and base building from the ground, in your vehicles instead of the typical overhead view as in other strategy games.  This also meant having to balance making grand tactical decisions to win the battle vs quick, twitchy combat maneuvers to keep from loosing your vehicle.  After a much anticipated expansion and an arguably lackluster sequel, BattleZone all but disappeared from the PC gaming lexicon.

Enter Platoon Studios, an indie developer trying to bring back the BattleZone experience in BioNite.  This game puts you in command of a Hover Tank floating across the surface of Venus, battling for control of the planets resources.  Platoon Studios has been working on BioNite for about 4 years now, but due to the small size of their team it is very much a work in progress.  Currently BioNite only allows you to pilot your choice of hover tank to battle across the surfaces of Venus and Mars.  The RTS side of gameplay has yet to be implemented.

If you remember BattleZone and are yearning for a modern day spiritual successor, you might want to keep an eye on this project by visiting the official site.

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