By – Thomas Faust

It’s that time of year again.  The leaves turn and the PC game prices plummet.  Before the heavyweights of digital distribution steal all of their thunder, two of the cruiserweight level shops are offering deep discounts on quite a few games.

ShinyLoot’s Best of Both Worlds sale offers both DRM-free versions and Steam keys (hence the clever name).  Over 60 indie games are on sale with discounts up to 75%.  A few notable titles are Dark Scavenger ($1.50), Retrobooster ($9.00), Nihilumbra ($2.00), and the Cognition series ($2.50 each).  The Journey Down: Chapter One ($1.75) and Escape Goat ($1.25) also come highly recommended by yours truly.  The Best of Both Worlds sale lasts all through the weekend.

Meanwhile, FireFlower Games‘ Autumn Sale has been in full swing for some time, with two more days of tempting discounts and daily deals to go.  FireFlower Games have more than 130 DRM-free games on sale, with 50% of the profits being donated to charities.  Driftmoon (6,99€) and Nihilumbra (1,39€) come highly recommended by the TPG staff.  A few personal favorites would be Unrest (7,99€), Inescapable (2,25€), and Zigfrak (1,75€).  The Autumn Sale ends on Sunday.

Prices through Fireflower are displayed in € by default due to the distributor being located in Sweden.  However, at the bottom of each page, you can select several regional currencies.

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