By – Thomas Faust

Has it been two years already? Well, apparently it has. In 2013, our Steven Smith previewed a little game called Assault Android Cactus by Australian developers Witch Beam, and loved just about every single detail. A lot has happened since then: Cactus was greenlit and entered Steam’s Early Access, and a steady stream of updates and refinements have been released along the way. Now, the frantic twin stick shooter is ready, all polished and shiny, and waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

We’ve been closely following the game’s progress, and it’s remarkable how much the finished product resembles lead designer Sanatana Mishra’s initial vision, as defined in our 2013 interview. However, Witch Beam have added a whole lot of extra content on top of all the polish. The number of playable characters has been raised from five to nine, each with their own arsenal and distinctive play style. Furthermore, two new game modes have been added to the 25 stage campaign.

Assault Android Cactus1

Daily Drive challenges players to survive through ten waves of enemies, but only gives them one chance per day to make an impression on the leaderboards. Infinity Drive is basically an endless mode, throwing all kinds of randomly generated waves and stages at you until you perish. A bunch of unlockable EX Modes, which are basically modifiers that alter the gameplay, can also be unlocked along the way.

Whether you’re playing the game on your own, competing with the online leaderboards, or enjoying the 4 player local co-op mode, Assault Android Cactus is chock-full of features and simply a blast to play. The game is available right now on Steam for $14.99.

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