By – Adam Ames

Fallout 4 PC

TPG presents over an hour of commentary-free gameplay footage from the PC version of Fallout 4.  The videos below were captured at 1920×1080 on an 3.5Ghz AMD FX 6300, 4GB GeForce 960, 16GB RAM and  a standard HDD using the High graphical preset.  Attempting to use Ultra resulted in framerates anywhere from 30-40, but in most cases, the High preset gave a nice 50-60.  There are no main story spoilers revealed in any of the videos aside from the opening sequence.  The exploration videos were captured with no prior knowledge of the area.  We will be publishing a full long-form review soon.  For now, here are some bullet points based on the 10 hours of game time already put in.


– Long loading times lasting 40-90 seconds.  The high side is normally experienced during Fast Travel.

– Little to no in-game mouse acceleration issues.  Menus have a considerable amount.

– No crashes.

– No bugs or glitches.

– Radiation poisoning now takes your available health.

– There is a slight delay in restoring health from Stimpacks due to a new animation, reminiscent of Far Cry 2.

– Highly annoying sound effects on the Perk screen.

– Hit and miss animations/graphics.  Some look great, some awful.

– Dialogue trees now use a Mass Effect style presentation (see last screen shot).

– Percentages of successful influences in speech replaced by a color coded system (see last screen shot).


Opening Gameplay Sequence


Exploration Part 1

This expedition begins by traveling south from Jamaica Plain.


Exploration Part 2

Find out what happens in the Massachusetts Turnpike Tunnel for the first time with low ammo, depleted HP and no Stimpacks.


Exploration Part 3

See what settlements and creatures will be found traveling south from Lonely Chapel.


Exploration Part 4

The Commonwealth is explored by walking west from the Suffolk County Charter School.


Diamond City Intro

Demonstrating the animations and voice acting in Fallout 4 in this one particular scene.


Confidence Man Side Quest

The first part of the Confidence Man side quest.


Screen Shots taken with the same game and system settings as the videos.  Click for the full sized image.

Fallout 4 PC Review

Fallout 4 PC Review

Fallout 4 PC Review

Fallout 4 PC Review

Fallout 4 PC

Fallout 4 PC 22

Fallout 4 PC 33

Fallout 4 PC 44

Fallout 4 PC

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  • Steven S

    As a long time Fallout fan, I’m watching these videos and feeling fairly disappointed. Not to sound too cliche but the terms “dumbed down” and “consolization” went through my head more than once. The dialogue “wheel” for example, that was built for someone using a gamepad, not a mouse and keyboard. It could also impair the work of quest modders who will now have to limit themselves to exactly 4 choices in all their conversations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see modders, in the near future, try to bring back the classic Fallout dialogue tree.

    If this were the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sequel I’d probably be much more excited about it, but Fallout is one of the best CRPGs of all time and the name alone carries with it certain expectations.

    • AdamAmes

      It is sad because the game is pretty good aside from some issues suffered from porting to PC. I agree on the dialogue tree too.