People today are not much different from people who lived a few decades, or a few centuries ago. They get bored, and they seek some entertainment to help pass the time. However, the thing that has changed is entertainment itself. Each generation has found a new and innovative way of entertainment, and with the invention of computers and the Internet, video games have emerged as a new way of entertainment, which has swept the world and set a course for the industry to develop in the years to come. Some prefer online betting on sports and casinos with the help of the Playmillion bonus code, for example, but the factor of entertaining is pretty much the same. Even though people today are mostly familiar with the notion of video games, how they work, and the platforms they can be played on, there are still things that remain unknown to some. So without further ado, here are ten facts about video games that you might not have heard before.

  1. Most video games do not have mirrors

In case you have not noticed, there are many video games where you cannot find a functioning mirror on the walls. The reason behind this is very simple –they are notoriously difficult to make. In order to create one, the developers need to employ a tracing technique that creates the image in the mirror differently to the one playing out in the rest of the game, which can be very demanding for the CPU. That is why in most video games, you can see only a non-functioning representation of a mirror.

  1. Some video games cost millions to make

Making video games can be an incredibly arduous task, due to their complexity, as well as the complexity of the individual components of the game: gameplay, graphics, character design, animation, voice acting –everything must be done perfectly for the game to bode well with the customers. For example, Rockstar Games invested more than $130 million for the making of GTA V.

  1. Certain games come with pre-defined cheat codes

Some developers integrate cheat codes into their games in order to make them easier to beat, as well as more enjoyable for players of all ages; certain games, like GTA: San Andreas, even came with an entire sheet of codes that players could use while playing.

  1. Games are now included in some American libraries

Certain libraries in America have now included video games, in an attempt to attract the younger population, especially teenagers, to come to the library and check out books. It still remains to be seen whether this strategy will bring any long-term improvement.

  1. Shooter games are the most popular in the US

A research conducted by Statista in 2017 shows that the majority of video games purchased by Americans are shooting games, comprising 25.4% of all purchased games, followed by action-based games and sports games.

  1. Video games have a positive effect on our behavior

Even though at first, most parents were against their children playing a lot of video games, some recent research has shown that games can be helpful in developing children’s sight, coordination, and even empathy and emotions, in games where a strong sense of belonging to a community is emphasized, according to a study conducted in 2014.

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