Our Mission:

TPG aims to present the most transparent journalism available today in the video game industry. We will provide our readers with as much information possible so they can make an informed purchasing decision. Being upfront with our readers, and maintaining the highest level of professionalism, has helped us grow the respected reputation we enjoy today.  We will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen that bond of trust.

From little known indie developers to the big boys, TPG will cover it all.  Below are a few additional points about our polices and what we hope to accomplish.


We hate blogspam.  TPG will never link to another site outside of official sources, nor will we link to our site in such a way.   We will not link to a site, who links to another site, where you can finally see the original content.  The site in question will always point to the original creator.  We believe in this day and age where everybody can have a voice, you need to yell the loudest without being overbearing or obnoxious.


Our review structure is different than the vast majority of other PC gaming media outlets.  We will never use the current numerical or star scoring system. We ask the simple question, “Is it worth your money?”

Please read our Review Scoring Statement for more information.


TPG will never use intrusive advertisements.  You will never see full page landing ads, hidden links, ads with sound or music, animated ads or anything else that would interfere with your viewing experience.  TPG would rather have quality readership and active users than make a few extra bucks.   The ads you will see on TPG will always be relevant to PC gaming in the form of upcoming indie titles, digital distributors or PC hardware/software companies.

Comment Posting Rules – One Warning Only

Please use the comment section to provide mature, intelligent and thought-provoking conversation.  No cussing, trolling, flamewars, slander (sexual/racist) or spam.  Your comment will be deleted in the event you violate these rules and a warning will be sent. If you are in violation of these rules again, measures will be taken to ensure you can no longer post on this site.

Contact Information

Please see the Contact Us page.  We will do our best to respond within a 24-hour period.


Revised: October 6th, 2012