Association football games have always been popular in Europe and South America and for a good reason. It is arguably the most eagerly-followed sport in the world. Jock/gamer hybrids would frequent internet cafes and playrooms in order to play these games on their computers and favorite consoles. The arguments about the best series and the best games were akin to those comparing the services of bookies, like the Coral withdrawal time, for example.

Consoles aside, we are going to examine the most popular football game titles for the PC. We are going to restrict our entries to one title per game series and we might make separate posts for the best games in individual series in the future. These are the best football games for the PC.

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It was a close call between FIFA 11, FIFA 12, and 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. We’ve chosen FIFA 12 for several reasons, not least of which is the speed with which the game has flown off the shelves and downloaded, though this could be attributed to the success of its predecessors.

One of the biggest changes in the franchise is the game’s Impact Engine, which improved the accuracy and impact variety. It is responsible not only for the level of injury the players face but also makes the game more natural than its predecessors. Player AI also received an upgrade, allowing players on the field to react more naturally to the situations in the field. In its first week, the game sold over 3 million copies and was adored not only on PCs but on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Pro Evolution Soccer 4

We may be accused of playing the nostalgia card, but hear us out. True, scoring is relatively easy when compared to other games in the series and in the sport in general, but, for its time, PES 4 was remarkable in it that it forced players to become more creative with their attacks. Simply running to the goal and kicking, while still fun, was no longer the only efficient method of scoring.

In addition to that, the official licensing allowed the players to fully experience the official football leagues in the game series, as PES used to focus on gameplay mechanics rather than big names. You could also design your own logos and sponsors, so there’s that.

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Championship Manager 01/02

Some players like to outwit their opponents on the field and feel all of the excitement football has to offer. Others bid their time, plan strategies, transfer players, and sit back to watch the results of their planning unfold before them. This brought into existence various football manager games and, out of all of them, Championship Manager 01/02 is the best.

100 leagues in 26 countries with the option of adjusting the speed of matches and commentary, comparing players and sending them away to get better after a rough game, followed by adhering to the EU transfer rules  – all of these features separate 01/02 from other manager games.

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