Cryptocurrency is absolutely exploding in value at the moment. A very abstract concept, it’s difficult for many to understand, however, if you do get how to use it your shares in Bitcoin are no doubt absolutely booming right now. What’s more, Bitcoin is a much faster way to pay as there is no third party involved in the processing of the payment and no cheeky fees taken by your bank when you deposit.

As more and more people jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, more companies are beginning to accept it as a genuine form of payment on their websites, and betting websites are no exception to this. Depositing Bitcoin is a fantastic way of ensuring that your activity remains private and untraceable, and that the interest rate on your coin never fluctuates.

Even the major betting giants are now accepting Bitcoin as a perfectly legitimate form of payment, however it is important to know that unless you are dealing with very specific niche Bitcoin betting services, sign up bonuses on your cash with betting operators don’t tend to change depending on whether you’ve paid with Bitcoin or not. However some websites are better than others, and we’ve rounded them up here:


One of the largest, most secure and reputable betting services on the web, Bet365 offers a wide range of eSports as well as accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. The odds they offer on eSports wagers are extremely reasonable, and there’s a sign-up bonus of 100% when you deposit up to £100. This means as long as you’re betting, you have effectively double the money to play with.



A real up and comer in the online betting business in recent years, Bwin offers a staggering bonus to new players and sign-ups. A 100% match on deposits up to £500 (minimum £20) is a huge draw, and on top of this they give you £30 cashback, that you can use to bet on a wide range of eSports.

William Hill

One of the biggest gambling operators in the UK, William Hill is a big name on the high street however also have a huge online presence with good odds on bets. Their bonus offer for sign-ups is the best of the bunch, matching your first bet 100% up to £100 with a £50 free bet thrown in on top of that.



One of the biggest online betting services, 5Dimes has been accepting Bitcoin since as early as 2014, allowing you to deposit up to £10,000 in cryptocurrency (minimum £25). Although it doesn’t offer the range of eSports that the giants do, it covers all the major tournaments and gives you some seriously good betting odds to boot. Their sign up bonus is a nice little 50% bonus on deposits up to £520 meaning you can get seriously started as soon as you sign up.

So in conclusion, yes! It’s perfectly possible to use Bitcoin for online betting and gaming, and even if your favourite website doesn’t accept Bitcoin as a form of payment yet, it is easy to deposit Bitcoin in an e-Wallet like Neteller and perform the transaction quickly and free of charge through that medium.

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