About-Corey-Lenack PC Gaming

Corey Lenack has had a passion for video games for as long as he has had a passion for Star Wars. He can’t remember when that started either. At a young age he would bounce between his NES and his father’s computer in order to get his video game fix.  As he became older, and his taste more refined, his PC became the permanent home for his gaming needs.

In 2011 he started the YouTube channel ThePCelitist with his co-host Sean “Shephard” Freeark. Together they have explored the depths of the video game industry and have yet to make it back out again. Corey believes the PC is where games truly innovate and create the greatest immersive experience. It is his opinion that PC has allowed games- more than anywhere else- to cross the line from entertainment that utilizes art into works of art themselves.