It’s a couple of months since the video game giants Fifa and PES released their 2018 editions, adding fuel to a fire that has been ongoing since 1999. However, neither game has firmly come out on top, which means a heart-wrenching choice for the gamer over which one to buy each year.

Here we’ve rounded up some of the reasons why each game is such a big contender so you can decide which game is best suited for what you’re looking for.

PES 2018

PES 2018

After a rocky period lagging far behind Fifa in terms of quality and content, PES has really stepped up its game in recent years, winning over a big enough fanbase to seriously rival the EA giant. This year it has yet again upped the quality of its game, far outstripping Fifa as far as ball physics and the actual in-game play is concerned.

The number of tactical options when playing is far larger than the range you get in Fifa. The way you set up your team can mean success or failure depending on the individual abilities of each player, and even moving Neymar from left wing to right at halftime can make a tangible difference to your game.

Gameplay also continues to be a more fluid affair with PES 2018, pipping Fifa to the post with its smooth passing, responsive dribbling and an overall slicker gameplay than the competition, making for a much more authentic feeling game of football.

Unfortunately, despite having had years to get it right, PES’s presentation is still a bit of a shambles. The players, despite having some improvement, still look a little flat, and the commentary and background sounds are a little lacklustre. Navigation of the menu has been slightly improved since last year, but still isn’t really anything to write home about.

Fifa 2018

Fifa 2018

In contrast, Fifa continues to stun us with the beauty of the game. You can play all the major stadiums, in all the major kits and in an electrifying match atmosphere, with recognizable songs and genuinely interesting, sharp commentary from Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

What’s more, with a much higher number of individual licenses, Fifa can afford to give us a much more immersive experience, with official team graphic overlays and extremely accurate renderings of the players. All this comes with a slick menu and easy set up making it easy to just pick your team and get playing with your mates.

Fifa also has a much more creative single player mode, with huge improvements on last year’s new “The Journey” mode, bringing in unique storylines and immersive new challenges.

Unfortunately, Fifa still lags behind hugely as far as team customisation is concerned and the in-game physics leave a little to be desired. Passing and dribbling mechanics have vastly improved since last year but still don’t hold a candle to PES, and the game itself doesn’t have the individual narrative that you get with each and every match with PES.

So which one should you buy?

It depends on what your priorities are. If it’s a fluid customisable game of football that you want then PES takes the crown. However if it’s an immersive, thunderous game you want with a stunning single player story mode, Fifa’s your go to guy. For us, Fifa won by a hair’s breadth this year but if PES can step up its graphics and presentation it would be a serious contender for the top spot.

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