Artificial intelligence is everywhere and is making almost everything better. Artificial intelligence refers to computers doing work by themselves, but not just following a simple script, but rather, making decisions based on a lot of data and learning algorithms. Today, we have machines which are helping train new machines. Lines and lines of code, made so that they can learn and improve, without human input. There are plenty of beneficiaries of this, from scientific software to even video games and online sports betting sites. Sports betting sites benefit from AIs because they can decide when and which bonus code is the best one for a specific period of time, like this Betregal Bonus code. 

Video games, on the other hand, benefit from this much more directly. Here are a couple of ways AI is helping video games grow.

Stop the Cheaters – AIs Find and Eliminate Cheaters

Cheaters are the bane of any competitive esports game. Climbing the ranked ladders in any game, be it a first-person shooter, a strategy game or a MOBA, encountering cheaters makes the game a living hell. Nobody likes playing against a cheater, especially in decisive matches. AIs can spot cheaters due to being fed enough data to know what a cheater looks like, or rather, how their gameplay patterns are different from that of regular players. Oh, and AIs can also view the game from the perspective of the cheater, making it that much easier for them to determine whether they are cheating or not. This helps competitive esports titles as it keeps the game clean and allows players to advance the ladder without being hindered by cheaters.

A Better Challenge – AIs Improve Gameplay

Remember fighting that computer opponent who kept doing the same moves until you learned all of their patterns? Well, that same computer can get better if it gets fed lots of data from all the other games that were ever played. Games which keep track of this make it easier on themselves. Just think of all the various strategies which an AI could apply if it had access to so much data. Whether in strategy games, fighting games or MOBAs, even, the AI could benefit a lot from such data, and the players would also benefit due to having a better challenge on demand.

NPCs in RPGs – A Living Environment

Remember old-school RPGs like Planescape: Torment which had a set environment and has only changed when you get past a certain point. Well, newer games like the Witcher 3 or even upcoming games have better AIs in them, which can predict and create new movement patterns, meaning that you actually get a living ecosystem, not just a blacksmith who goes to work every day at 9, and is done by 7 in the evening, only to go inside or to a local pub every third day. Yes, Skyrim, I am looking at you.

OpenAI – Beating a DotA2 Professional Team

OpenAI is a project where it is imagined to build an AI which can safely help humans perform tasks such as economically valuable work, or help other people create such an AI, a safe one, not Skynet.

They created an AI which defeated DotA2 players in 1v1 scenarios and which also defeated a World Champion team, OG, in a 5v5 match. This took place in April of 2019. AIs can provide us with quite a challenge, and video games are one of the best environments for an AI to learn.

AIs are changing everything from clothing, sports to video games. Video games can only get better and more realistic for it.

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