John Williamson PC Gaming

John has always been obsessed with video games since a very young age to an unhealthy level. Most of his time is spent playing a wide array of titles spanned across various genres, from driving games to point and click adventures. He has an unrivaled passion in critiquing major and minor titles and tries, but often fails to evoke interest from disinterested non-gamers. Another past-time of his is video game collecting and he has amassed a huge collection of desirable PlayStation two and original Xbox games. Despite nearly taking 5 years to find many obscure titles and constant unsuccessful trips to second hand stores, he believes it was worth the effort.

Another pastime he loves is playing his beloved David Gilmour Stratocaster, and listening to virtually every live recording of Pink Floyd. This is a band he adores, and often grumbles about the lack of innovation in modern music. He also is intrigued by PC hardware, how it operates and the level in which it’s progressing in the current market. Subsequently, he loves to tinker and fix components which has led him to be a stickler for PC option menus. At times, he loves the statistical hardware complexities even more than playing some games! Most of all John is more than willing to answer any questions on the technical side and do his utmost to rectify any complications your system may have.

John’s Review Listing

System Specs:

  • CPU – AMD Six Core Phenom II X6 1090t @ 4.1Ghz OC
  • RAM – 8GB Corsair Vengeance
  • Video – XFX 5870 1GB DDR5 OC @ 875/1300