Here at TruePCGaming, we present our reviews differently than other media outlets.  While reviews of any kind are the subjective opinions of one person, we believe the current scoring system used by the video game industry does not accurately reflect the true value of a game.  TruePCGaming will base its “score” on one simple premise: Is the game worth your money.  With the recent trend of big development studios increasing their PC price point to $59.99, the current US economic climate, along with the conversion rates in Europe and Australia, it is as important as ever to get the best bang for your buck.

In the video gaming world, PC games are simply a different animal compared to its console counterparts. We will dig deep to offer technical analysis of how the game plays and feels on the PC. In our Technical Summary section, TruePCGaming will offer information specifically geared towards PC gamers.

The following is a list of areas each review will present:

  • Time Played – The exact number of hours the reviewer put into the game.
  • Widescreen Support – Was widescreen support properly implemented.
  • FOV Slider – The presence of a slider or setting present within the game menu.
  • 5.1 Audio Support – Was proper 5.1 surround sound support available.
  • Bugs/Crashes Encountered –  Any bugs or crashes the reviewer experienced.
  • DRM – The type of DRM present.
  • System Specs – The exact system specs used by the reviewer.   Video, RAM, CPU.
  • Control Scheme – Which control scheme worked better.  M/K or Gamepad.
  • Saved Game Location – The exact folder where your game files are located.
  • Game Acquisition Method – We will always let you know how we received our games whether it be a review copy or purchased by a member of TPG.
  • Is It Worth Your Money? – The reviewer will conclude with his/her thoughts on whether or not the price is justified.

Revised: October 15th, 2013