Bingo is one of those games that almost everyone knows about. Not only that but also, a lot of luck-based games are in their essence Bingo. Clearly, people had made various adjustments to make the game interesting, and now we have various versions of it, like an online version. So, if you want to have fun with either a fresh or old school version of Bingo online, you can play bingo with Ladbrokes. That being said, it would be fun to explore the history of the game and go over the road that got us here. 

Where it all started

It’s really hard to say accurately when and where the first game of bingo was played, but it is strongly believed that it all started in Italy during the 1500s. As it gained popularity bingo started to spread across entire Europe. During the 1700s, we got a game with a French name called le Lotto. Even though it got a different name the game was very similar, as we can see with the modern lottery today. It is also believed that it started spreading outside of Europe in the early 1800s.

Archaeologist, John Stephens, records speak of the game he saw in Mexico called La Lotteria in 1838.

How we got the name “Bingo”

Believe it or not, the name is a result of a mistake. In the USA this was one of the favorite games at the carnival, where winners shouted “Beano!” A man called Edwin Lowe noticed just how popular this game was and decided to bring it all the way to New York. The reason why everyone was shouting – beano, was because dried beans were used to play games, not plastic balls. However, one player got excited when he won and shouted – Bingo, by mistake. It seems that the crowd loved the new name more and that’s how it happened.     

More than 3 million people still play bingo in traditional halls, but that’s just a tiny fraction of the number playing online – around 100 million! But what’s the secret to the game’s popularity and how was it created?

Bingo Online

Given how Bingo is typically played with a limited number of people within the same room, it’s a bit strange how it can work online. It’s not that the technology is complicated or anything, it’s just that with more players it becomes less exciting in a sense. With fewer combinations in circulation, the game can last longer, and more numbers are drawn. This means that it can get pretty tense, and even if you are far behind, it can be easy to catch up. When it’s online you open up possibilities to way more entries which means it can be over way sooner. 

Luckily, this is not the case, since only a limited number of people get to participate in a single game. Furthermore, some online games have a chat option where players can communicate with one another as they are waiting for their numbers to appear, meaning you can have an insight into how others are performing, just like in a real game. 

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