Time and time again, we turn to our good friends at EA in the hopes of recreating some of the best matches the world has ever seen. If there are more than three people in the room, we are often multitasking by watching the latest episodes of Killing Eve and The Orville, or playing with our phone, checking out the World Star betting bonus, or filling out a survey.

The point is that the games dealing with the World Cup are very engaging and we have made a list of top 3 World Cup Games. Mind you, we will be giving a subjective review since the same games have acquired different acceptance across the platforms, the users, and the critics.

Honorable Mentions

These are not, strictly speaking, World Cup games, so they didn’t make the list, but we feel you should give them a chance.

FIFA Soccer 12

The 19th installment in the franchise, FIFA Soccer 12 introduced several novelties to the gameplay, including the Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling, and Tactical Defending. In addition to the game mechanics, AI was significantly upgraded to act in a manner that is suitable for the individual player’s capabilities and role.

The Career Mode allows you to interact with the manager and the media more, keeping you updated regarding the players’ morale and their desire to change clubs, which is something worth noting as an element of realism in the game.

FIFA Soccer 06

One of the older games in the franchise has age has aged well. One of the things that separate it from the rest of the games on the list is the Lounge, where up to 8 human players can compete against each other in several game modes. The game features extras, unlockables (you know, before loot boxes and premium accounts) and superb team management. All these things and more made the game go Double Platinum.

World Cup Games

FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006

This is one of the favored titles. Whether you play online and test your luck against the best players in the world, or just relax at home with the single player mode, you can recreate the World Cup of ’06. Play as your favorite team, or be sneaky about it and start the game as the winner of the World Cup. You can even unlock historical players by spending your hard-earned points in the store. The reviews may have been mixed when it first came out, but to us, this will be one of the best games.

FIFA World Cup 2002

This is the second game that EA graced us with that follows the events, the adventure, and the thrills of the World Cup. Not only does the game feature 32 qualified teams, but also 9 countries that have not been so lucky to qualify for the actual World Cup, like Greece and Australia.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Apart from the stadiums that were actually used for the 2010 World Cup, EA has provided its customers with generic stadiums as well. You can play as one of 199 teams that want to prove their worth in the world. Several million copies have been sold and, depending on the platform you prefer, it is one of the most played games in the franchise.

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