Many gamers, whether they wanted to or not, have come across RPGs at one point in their lives. There was a time when you couldn’t sit at a table with your friends without inadvertently becoming a part of the discussion on the latest World of Warcraft raid, or how the upgrading system in Vindictus leaves a lot to be desired. You know, a regular Tuesday.

Companies making slots have, apparently, decided to dip their fingers into this market, as a way of reaching out to audiences that are no longer enticed by promo codes like the Slotsmillion promo code and there are a few RPG slots out there. How did this happen and how does it work?

Mutually Beneficial

Many games, including RPGs, have started using the loot box mechanic, in which a player is rewarded for their efforts with a chance to win something big. The idea behind this was to make gamers more eager to play the game by using similar methods games of chance do, which is why these games have been outlawed in several countries.

It seems that the slots and other games of chance have decided to cash in on the idea of bringing these two types of games together. After all, there are more and more RPGs where the players sit idly while the battles wages by their characters are fought automatically. The need for this stems from the fact that the slots are one of the oldest forms of the automated games of chance.

The gameplay is repetitive – the players place a bet, they roll and see if they’ve won anything. It is hard to make this concept fresh and draw in new players, especially with so many other slots on the market. Some slots have tried to appeal to their audience by offering demo plays, additional chances to win, and other bonuses, but this was not enough. So, they turned to making their own game more distinguishable from others, by adding themes, cool visuals, compelling mini-games, and a background story. This is practically a different type of game in itself, isn’t it?

How Does It Work?

Some repetitive RPGs and slots, in general, have a lot in common. Progress depends on luck and pouring money in, due to the random number generator, unlocking new visuals is a matter of prestige, despite its lack of effect on gameplay, and there is very little required of the player, save for a few clicks or taps. At first glance, it seems like a match made in heaven.

So, now we have some slot games where the player leads a character and upgrades their armor and weapons while the character is fighting monsters. All the while, the slots are rolled in the background. The warrior, knight, or whatever the class of the character, fights the monsters regardless of what the player does and the loot they obtain is dependent on the roll.

Automatically rolling for a set amount is mechanically the same as clearing a dungeon in RPGs that want to save the players from the notorious grinding.

What Are Some RPG Slots?

We are not receiving any money for this piece, nor are we promoting these slots over others. They are listed simply as examples, and we cannot, in good conscience, discuss their quality or lack thereof. Dungeon: Immortal Evil, Ninestone, and Viking Runecraft are just some of the RPG slots one can stumble upon online.

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